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Cabinet VS Cupboard and Other Fun Facts

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Cabinet vs Cupboard – the age-old debate. To some the difference between a cabinet and cupboard is the same as a potato and, well, another potato. By Miriam-Webster’s definition the two are very similar:

Cabinet: a case or cupboard usually having doors and shelves

Cupboard: a closet with shelves where dishes, utensils, or food is kept

While the two words are practically interchangeable, the basic consensus is that the difference in description seems to be in 1. Shelves – cabinets don’t have them, cupboards do and 2. Cupboards are used for specific items while cabinets are non-specific.

Does the terminology really make a difference? Simply put, No. At Cabinets Made EZ, we will be sure to get a clear description of what you are looking for to design your perfect space. But, since we all enjoy a little bit of “useless knowledge”, take a look at some more fun cabinet facts – you’ll never know when they will help you win a trivia game!

-Cabinets were invented in the 1910s – and over 2 million were sold by 1920.cabinets vs cupboards

-Late 15th-century cupboards for food storage had ventilating holes.

-Ready to Assemble (RTA) Cabinets were invented in 1956 by Gillis Lundgren.

-Wood replaced steal cabinets in the 60s.

-In the 17th century a heavy form of cupboard, in which the panels were raised, and three evenly spaced twisted columns supported a heavy cornice, the whole resting on squat bun feet were in demand.

cabinets vs cupboards-Steel kitchen cabinets were very common during war times giving steel factories domestic work.

-The most popular kitchen cabinet colors of the 1930s were black, red and green.

-A cabinet used in a bedroom with several drawers intended for clothing and small articles is called a chest of drawers.

-The small area under the kitchen cabinets where your foot goes is called the “toe space” or “toe kick”.

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