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How to Keep Kitchen Cabinets Looking New

How to Keep Kitchen Cabinets Looking New

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Kitchen Cabinet Care

New kitchen cabinets can add a beautiful element to your kitchen design while adding storage space. And when they’re first installed, you probably can’t stop admiring how sparkly clean and shiny they are. There’s a sense of pride home owners take in new kitchen cabinets.

However, cabinets are used everyday, multiple times a day and that can quickly add wear and tear. Dirty fingers open them for a snack, they get slammed, left open and probably get splattered with grease and food. 

How to Keep Your Cabinets Looking New

Without proper care, your investment will lose their appeal over time.Here we will teach you how to keep kitchen cabinets looking new for their lifetime.

1. Proper installation is imperative. All cabinet drawers should close easily and doors should line up correctly. If your drawers and doors are slightly ajar, dust and debris will build up, making it harder to clean later on. Proper alignment also helps prevent pets, bugs or rodents from getting in and damaging cabinets.

2. Cabinet cleaning should be worked into your regular cleaning schedule. It is recommended that cabinet door fronts get wiped down every few days. The longer you put this off, the harder it will be to clean as surface stains harden over time.

3. Never use cleaning chemicals on cabinetry. These cleaning products can contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals that can destroy cabinet finish. They leave a build up that is often mistaken for grease, which will lead to more product use, which will lead to more buildup. When using a cleaner on your knobs or handles, spray on to the cloth – not directly on to the surface.

4. Natural cleaners are highly recommended, are less expensive, and better for the environment. There are countless recipes for natural cleaners, the decision comes down to your personal preference. We suggest a simple mixture including water and vinegar with a small amount of olive oil to restore shine. Vinegar is a fantastic natural cleaners as it gently helps break up any build up and kills bacteria.

5. Keep cabinetry dry. Water and moisture can warp cabinets and prematurely age them. Cabinets will begin to rot if they are exposed to excessive moisture.  The easiest way to avoid this to to dry cabinets with a soft cloth after wiping them down, don’t hang damp towels from them and for cabinets exposed to steam near the stove – use the exhaust fan and dry them after cooking.

With proper cleaning and care, you can remain in awe of your kitchen cabinets for years to come. For more RTA cabinet care instructions, including specific care for vinyl and wood RTA cabinets, click here. By following our care suggestions, you can increase the life of your RTA cabinets.  Our cleaning directions allow your cabinetry to continue to shine through the everyday wear and tear.

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