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Kitchen Wine Storage

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kitchen wine storage

Believe it or not, wine was once associated with the elite or European. Sipping a nice glass of Pinot, aged perfectly and just retrieved from the wine cellar – Fancy. Not anymore.  Wine decor is found in every store and wine and paint nights are the new “Ladies Night”. Less expensive wine has made wine a must have in American households. Which brings up the question – how do you store wine?

Kitchen wine storage options are growing, allowing you to keep your wine close by in a stylish, organized way.  Here are some great wine storage ideas!

  1. TOE KICK DRAWER: Sunlight can ruin a perfectly good bottle of wine. UV Light prematurely ages wine, which is why you often see it stored in dark bottles that act as a protective barrier.  By keeping wine in a toe kick drawer under your kitchen cabinets, wine will be safe from any sun damage.
  2. BUILT-IN RACK: Wine is designed to be stored on it’s side. This allows the cork to stay wet, keeping oxygen out. If air gets into your wine, it can prematurely oxidize rendering it undrinkable. Built-in wine racks allow you to properly store wine on it’s side while keeping the design integrity of your kitchen.
  3. WINE COOLER: A wine cooler is essentially al refrigerator built specifically to keep wine cool. Wine coolers come in all sizes allowing you to choose one that fits your wine needs and also fits into your kitchen. Oftentimes wine coolers are built-in under the counter, similar to a dishwasher.  This eliminates the common error of storing wine on the counter top where oven temps can “cook” your wine – making it taste like sweetened vinegar.
  4. KITCHEN ISLAND: Kitchen islands are easily customizable. Wine storage can be a single column, a tilted drawer, or for more serious wine drinkers – the entire bottom of the island! The versatility of islands allows for custom shelving that keeps wine conveniently stored and creates a centerpiece to your kitchen.


Our RTA cabinet diagrams will give you a good idea of the space you will need for kitchen wine storage. To request a quote or for design options, please contact us at

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