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Make Your Small Bathroom Functional

Make Your Small Bathroom Functional

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How to Make Your Small Bathroom Functional

make a small bathroom functionalWe’d all love to come home to a sprawling bathroom with a stand-alone shower, jacuzzi bathtub, and his and her sinks. The reality is more likely to be coming home to your all-in-one tub and shower, single sink, and the thought of a larger bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you know the struggles that come with them: minimal counter space, no storage, and little floor space.

Trying to make everything fit can feel like a big jigsaw puzzle. The latest in bathroom design trends will have you rethinking your style and stepping away from the cookie-cutter plan. If you’re ready to make changes, keep reading! Cabinets Made EZ offers solutions to make your small bathroom functional in a few easy steps!


Use the corners. While they are common in small bathrooms, pedestal sinks offer a small base, leaving you more floor space. However, pedestal sinks offer no storage space, which is needed. Corner sinks with bases solve both problems. Floor space is opened up and creates under-sink storage for towels and bathroom necessities. If moving your sink is not an option, a diagonal wall cabinet will provide the storage space you need.

Use the walls. Be creative using cabinets. For example, a wall bridge cabinet is generally used in the kitchen to bridge the gap between two cabinets. They are usually found above a stove or refrigerator. However, they are the perfect size for a small bathroom. Consider mounting a wine rack cabinet to use for towel storage. If you aren’t on board with unique storage options, traditional bathroom vanities, wall-mounted cabinets, and stand-alone units also have advantages.


Use strategic lighting and color. Soft colors make small rooms feel larger. Pale tones, pastels, whites, and neutral colors brighten a confined space. This applies to the flooring as well. In instances a floor cannot be painted or replaced, using a light colored rug will give a similar effect. Recessed lighting or wall sconces bring in more light and add warmth. Mirrors reflect light, opening up the room.

Use a minimalist approach. Clutter makes small spaces feel smaller than they are. Remove any unnecessary accessories. Store everything out of sight except for essentials. Select one or two larger pieces of wall decor rather than many smaller ones. Decorative accessories should be limited. Open the room by eliminating the shower door. Shower curtains that are pushed back on one side add depth.

Ready to Revamp your Small Bathroom?

Cabinets Made EZ offers the finest quality ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets available anywhere – delivered directly to your front door! Whether you’re a contractor remodeling an entire bathroom or a “do-it-yourselfer” upgrading with a new cabinet look. Elevate your bathroom to a new level of luxury by installing the latest craze in cabinets.

We have easy-to-use tools to help you plan your remodeling project. Call one of our cabinet experts today to get started! Or visit our website to see our selection of cabinets. Online orders are now available for your convenience.


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