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Pros and Cons of Open Concept Kitchens

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Open concept kitchens have been popular for many years. The building industry almost always incorporates this trend in new home builds, in fact 84 percent of new single-family homes have fully or partially open layouts, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Remodelers have removed countless walls in older homes to give homeowners an open layout.

To help you decide if an open concept kitchen is right for you, we’ve put together a list of the good, and not-so good, of this type of floor plan.


  • Increases space:Open floor plans make the most of your square footage. By eliminating walls, doorways and halls, you drastically minimize unused space.
  • Encourages family togetherness: With an open concept kitchen, socialization is much easier. Guests and family will naturally gather in one space.
  • Better organization and functionality: By eliminating restrictive, permanent walls, homeowners are able to create an easy flow. Combining social areas with functional areas, such as the dining table allows for a more user-friendly home.
  • Ambiance: Natural light makes rooms feel larger and brightens up your home. The use of sunlight in design concepts has been shown to give you more energy and comfort, while lowering your utility expenses.
  • Encourages flexibility: The needs of homeowners and families vary widely. Open concept kitchens allow you to define your space without making any changes to the architecture.


  • Trends change: While the open concept floor plan has been “trending” for many years now, it is still possible that it will go out of style. It is inevitable that a new trend will take over.
  • Aromatic conflicts: The smell of a home cooked meal will surely spread throughout your home more with an open layout than without. Heat generated from your oven will also travel.  This is a pro for some, con for others.
  • Noise: The lack of sound barriers will create more of an echo as less sound is absorbed by walls. By encouraging more people in the space, noise levels are sure to increase.
  • Lack of privacy: Combining your dining, kitchen and living area may make it difficult to enjoy your favorite show while someone else is cooking dinner. Concentration tasks like homework or reading may also be harder if there is commotion nearby.
  • Less wall space: Interior designs will need to be more creative if you have less wall space. Counter and cabinet space may be limited as well.

If you have, or are considering an open concept layout in your home, consult the cabinet experts at Cabinets Made EZ.  Start your RTA kitchen remodeling plan by jotting down your ideas and drawing your kitchen layout. When you’re done, fax it to us at 262.546.1840 and we’ll help you get started toward a successful kitchen remodeling project!

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