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Is Stainless Steel Out of Style?

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stainless steel

Stainless Style

Style trends change often, especially when it comes to kitchen decor. Stainless steel however, has been a top appliance choice for over 20 years. Will the trend continue or is stainless a thing of the past? With an influx of new appliance finishes like mixed metal and colored finishes giving homeowners more flexibility and personalization options, can stainless stand the test of time?

Simply put, yes. According to a recent Houzz study, stainless steel remained the leader for appliance finishes – with a whopping 69%!  At Cabinets Made EZ, we believe the reasons this are simple…

  • Stainless steel looks good with everything. No matter what cabinet color or finish you have – white, mahogany, light wood – stainless will match it. In recent years black stainless steel was introduced and is continuing to grow in popularity, adding to the sustainability of stainless appliances. Stainless doesn’t just compliment colors – it fits into every design style from traditional to contemporary, mid-century to modern.


  • Stainless steel lasts! The average life expectancy of refrigerators is 9-14 years, 13-17 years for ovens/ranges and 7-10 years for dishwashers. This is longer than most of us will own the same car! Stainless steel is designed to endure wear and tear through daily use. Contributing to the long lifespan of stainless is the fact that it is almost completely rust-proof and scratch-resistant. Discoloration won’t happen and your new shine will be there in 10 years!


  • Stainless is relatively easy to care for. Because stainless in non-porous, simply wiping it with a damp cloth will likely keep your appliances clean. The non-porous surface also resists germs and bacteria – making food-borne diseases unlikely to spread, and doesn’t absorb dust and dirt. If you really want to keep the shine, a protective stainless steel polish can be applied.

Like with any home design, the type of appliances you decide on is a personal style and function choice. For help determining the right appliances to fit your cabinets, consult the design experts at Cabinets Made EZ.

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