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Unique Countertop Ideas

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When it comes to something such as a kitchen countertop, you don’t ever truly realize how many different options you have to brighten your kitchen. You should take more into consideration than the color, style, and material. There are endless design styles you can choose from to better your kitchen with. Take a look at these unique countertops!

If you desire to keep your design traditional with wooden counter tops, go less global. A reclaimed wood island top like this is very captivating. Reclaimed wood also offers superior quality and durability.

Every interior has its own unique attributes and accent elements, so a rugged-looking counter top may be the best choice for your space. Large wood beams can be easily cut and installed.

Although it may not seem like it, this is a glass counter top. It adds an elegant, yet subtle, look to it. It creates a great look for a kitchen or bathroom space.

If you’re a very patient, creative person that has a hobby of gluing pennies down, this look would be great to recreate for your kitchen.

Looking for a simple, durable countertop? Concrete may be perfect for your home. Scratch resistant, and easy to match with the rest of your kitchen’s features.

With a simple décor, make the room pop with a wood slab counter. This feature will stand out and pull the entire room together.

In modern design, white quartz countertops are the way to go. With this smooth surface and exquisite patterns, it will add a calming look to this space.

Granite countertops aren’t always unique, but when you add your own flare, they can look extravagant. For example, a free form edge with a natural décor.

While looking for a one-of-a-kind look, stainless steel is a great choice. This material makes your kitchen look as though you’ve walked through a restaurant.

Zinc countertops are normally set over a base, similar to stainless steel. The classic patterns and stylish finish make this look truly incomparable.

With a basic kitchen look, copper countertops will really add charm to your space. Not only looking fashionable, but also easy to clean which is any person’s happiness.

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