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5 Reason’s to Purchase RTA Cabinets Online

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Are you thinking of undertaking a remodeling project? Maybe you’re adding a new master suite? Are you building a new dream home? Then you should consider ordering Ready To Assemble (RTA) cabinets online.

RTA cabinets can offer the styles and craftsmanship you’re looking for with prices much less than you’d expect from custom cabinetry. And best of all, you can complete all your shopping from a comfy couch in your living room. No need to take all day running from store to store.

In fact, you can experience even more advantages when you buy cabinets online:

Fast and Easy Ordering

When placing your cabinet order, RTA retailers make it as simple as possible for their customers to use their online store. If there are any issues, many will take your order personally or are available to answer questions over the phone.

Compare Styles

When you remodel or build, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by too many choices. Door styles, stain colors, handles vs. knobs – how do you decide? One of the best parts of shopping online is having the opportunity to take your time and browse through all of the selections; no one will rush you. Once you make a few choices, walk away from the computer. Going back an hour later will give you a fresh perspective. You’ll quickly see why so many people choose to buy online.

Compare Prices

Cabinetry is often one of the most expensive aspects of the remodeling or building process. RTA cabinets can reduce your bottom line yet still offer stylish, well-built options.

The cost for this cabinetry is lower for a couple of reasons. First, the cabinets arrive unassembled. Homeowners can save on labor costs by building the cabinets themselves. Second, they pay less for shipping charges because the cabinets are easily transported in boxes that are slim and light. Lighter boxes also reduce the chance of the cabinets arriving damaged. (Standard cabinets are shipped assembled and in large containers with a high probability for damage.)

So, with RTA cabinets, you’ll pay a fraction of the price while still getting the accessories and styles you need to create a custom look.

Ease of Assembly

RTA cabinets are designed to be easily assembled. From avid do-it-yourselfers to novice handymen, most anyone can put them together fairly quickly with little effort. Some homeowners will want to put the cabinets together themselves; others will choose to ask a professional. Each box contains all of the required parts and directions. No guesswork!

Fast Shipping

Many RTA cabinets are in stock and just waiting to be delivered; most ship in only a few weeks. This saves homeowners time (which also saves money) because your remodeling and building projects will be expedited. If you need a replacement part or another cabinet, it can be sent immediately. No need to stop everything while waiting forever for something to arrive. It’s exhausting to live in a remodeling zone – until they’re ready to be installed, these boxes can be stored in the garage or other location.

Make an informed decision and don’t pay more than you need to for quality cabinetry. Cabinets Made EZ has dozens of choices in stain colors, door styles, pulls, handles, and accessories. We can create a custom kitchen or bathroom for you at a fraction of the cost. Order online today!









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