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Advantages of RTA Cabinetry from Cabinets Made EZ

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Years ago, RTA, or “ready to assemble” cabinetry, was often thought of as cheap or low-quality furniture. However, as the use of RTA cabinetry has grown, the quality has dramatically improved. These cabinets are now recognized as long-lasting and sturdy wood products that offer trouble-free assembly, a great value, and fast turnaround time.

When deciding whether to use RTA cabinets for your building or remodeling project, there are a few essential features to keep in mind.

Reduce Cost

Instead of purchasing or building a new house, many homeowners prefer to renovate or remodel their existing home. These changes create a more lovely or usable space while increasing the value of the residence. In a kitchen remodeling project, cabinetry is usually one of the costliest aspects of the process. RTA cabinets can help to reduce the bottom line while still offering well-built, beautiful cabinets.

Costs for this kind of cabinetry are lower for several reasons. First, everything arrives unassembled; and by building the cabinets themselves, homeowners will save in labor costs. They’re also money savers for freight and shipping charges because these cabinets are transported easily in slim boxes. And finally, you waste less time (which saves money) because RTAs are always in stock and can be shipped quickly.

You never have to compromise on quality when you choose RTA cabinets. You’ll pay a fraction of the price while still getting all the accessories and styles you want with which to create a custom look.

Ease of Assembly

RTA cabinets are designed to be easily assembled. Novice handymen, those on a tight budget, or DIYers can put them together with little effort and relatively quickly. Others may prefer to have the professionals take over. Either way, each box will contain all of the required parts and directions and will leave out the guesswork.

Save on Shipping

Standard cabinets are shipped completely assembled in large shipping containers with a high risk for dings and damage. RTA cabinets are packed in pieces, in smaller, lighter, flat boxes which are easier to handle and offers lower freight costs. Lighter shipping units also reduce the chance of the cabinets arriving damaged. These flat boxes are shipped stacked and, when delivered, are easily and quickly unloaded.

Always In Stock

Contractors and homeowners alike love RTA cabinets because they are always in stock and can ship quickly. Need another cabinet or a replacement part? No problem! Just call, and it’ll be sent asap. This saves time, and therefore money because no one has to stop in the middle of the project and wait for a part. Custom-built cabinets can potentially take months to arrive, even small replacement pieces. This will interrupt all efforts and waste time. It’s also exasperating to live in a remodeling zone longer than necessary. The boxes take up very little space and can be stored in the garage or other location until they’re ready to be installed.

Don’t pay more than you need to for your cabinetry. Cabinets Made EZ has dozens of choices in door styles, accessories, pulls, and handles. Let us create a custom designed kitchen, den, or bathroom for you at a fraction of the cost.


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