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Sedona Spice



Sedona Spice – $1406

Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

  • 5 piece raised panel mortise and tenon construction.
  • Front Frame: 3/4” thick solid birch. 1-1/2” stiles and rails.
  • Stiles and rails are dadoed to receive side panels.
  • Drawer Front: Standard reveal flat panel drawer head.
  • Box Construction: 1/2″ thick, plywood sides and full 1/8“ back panel, finished interior.
  • Cabinet Shelves: 3/4” thick, plywood. Fully adjustable in wall and base cabinets.
  • Cabinet Drawer Box: 1/2″ thick plywood sides. 1/2″ thick plywood bottom.
  • Butt Doors: No center stile on 24” to 36” wide base cabinets. 39” to 48” will have a center stile.
  • Cabinet Drawer Glides: High quality epoxy coated steel side mount glides.
  • Cabinet Hinges: Heavy duty steel concealed hinge, six way adjustable.
  • Base Corner Braces: High impact injection molded plastic.
  • Cabinet Assembly: RTA Cabinet is built utilizing the steel hardened interlock clips.

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