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OPTION 1: I have cabinet drawings

Is this you…?

“I have drawings I did or from another cabinet company. They are clear and detailed, showing each cabinet and its size – width, depth and height”

If so, GREAT! We can simply use your drawings to pull the cabinets from. Note that to qualify for this option, the drawings MUST be clear, legible and all dimensions clearly called out for cabinets. Rough dimensions of room walls only will not qualify and we will respectfully send your request back to you if such drawings are sent in for request.

When you are ready, simply submit the form with your drawings.

Once we receive your email, we will produce the quote and contact you. At that point, we can begin discussing next steps: Re-quote, revise, further design revisions by our designer, etc.

If you choose this method, be aware of the following:

  1. Because we are using your drawings, not ours, we will do our best to interpret them accurately, but the ultimate responsibility is yours as to the quote we supply matching what you are expecting. We cannot be held responsible for interpreting drawings we did not supply.
  2. The more information you can supply, the better. Whatever you leave blank will result in us making some assumptions and if those assumptions are never revisited before your order is paid and released, whatever we had quoted will be assumed as ‘correct’. Passive acceptance is approval!

Fill out our form:

RTA Cabinet Quote Form

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    Complete the contact information below so that we can get back to you with your quote. While we do not need a full address, we at least require a state and zip code as well as an email address and phone number. We will not use your email address for marketing unless you give us permission to do so.
  • While your address is not required, we CANNOT include freight in your quote unless it is provided. You are NOT added to any mailing list.