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OPTION 2: I have all the details

Is this you…?

“I have been working through your web site and am comfortable with your offering. I have a cabinet/item list ready to submit and/or a drawing with cabinets and items labeled on it. I know my door style, wood species, finish, etc “

If this describes you, you are in luck because this is the most error free method since we are not making assumptions as you have supplied cabinet and item codes/descriptions.

To get a quote, you can do one of the following:

  1. Use our online pricing worksheets – a list of all sheets a located at the bottom of this page.
  2. Fill out the sheets and send it back by filling in the bottom section and clicking submit.


Here are some guidelines to using this option for requesting a quote:

  1. Be sure to include your shipping address so we can calculate shipping fees
  2. The sheets, while a much more in depth, helps you answer all the questions we will need to know in order to provide an accurate quote. However, if anything is left blank we will simply make some assumptions. If those assumptions are never revisited before your order is paid and released, whatever we had quoted will be assumed as ‘correct’. Passive acceptance is approval.
  3. Please refrain from supplying information on the quote/spreadsheet that will not assist us in providing an accurate quote. For instance, telling us you are ‘using a cabinet for tupper-ware storage’ only clutters the quote request, makes it harder for us to parse through and does not add any valuable information to enable a more accurate or timely quote. You may want to maintain a personal version of the quote request that includes your own project notes and send us a clean one with only pertinent cabinet information.

Once the quote is completed by our quote team, we will forward it to you in PDF format. At that point, you will have a very good feel for the price and can make a determination as to continuing the quote process which would include further refinement and revision to the quote.



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