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OPTION 3: I have nothing but basic room dimensions

Is this you…?

Help! I am a bit overwhelmed, but I don’t want to spend too much time at this point, I’m just looking for some pricing ideas. I only have basic room dimensions, but still want to know how your product may price out for me.

If this describes you, we have some options for you. Unfortunately, none of them include getting an actual quote as we cannot supply one without some kind of detail or a kitchen plan. But we can get you a general idea on how these cabinets price out.

Here is what we suggest:

  • Take a look at our RTA cabinet pricing page…On it, we quote a sizable 10 x 10 kitchen a number of ways with different door styles, woods and finishes. These numbers should get you close, but remember, this is a much higher quality product than that sold by the other RTA import cabinet companies or even the cabinets sold at the big box stores.

Some comments before you race off to the pricing page:

Be very careful making final pricing decisions on lineal foot price alone. Many things affect that price such as number of finished sides, number of drawers in the kitchen, door design, hardware and much more. Also, be aware that lineal foot pricing at the big box stores does not include moldings or upgrades and always assumes the most basic level of quality for cabinets, hardware, doors, etc. In the end, you should find a complete kitchen from us in our premium specs to be about 30% less than the BEST cabinets you can buy at the big box stores (IE: High end Kraftmaid, Decora, Schuler, etc), but about 30-40% more than the Imported RTA ‘twist lock’ cabinets. We don’t intend to compete with the low end as our cabinets are far superior to anything you will find a the big box stores. We realize we can’t meet every price point are really OK with that. This is a product that is directed at the discriminating cabinet purchaser.

  • Have your kitchen drawn for you (or draw yourself using paper/pencil/ruler, or have it drawn by someone of your choice). Send the resulting drawing back to us for quotation using RTA quote request Option 1.
  • If you plan on sketching up a plan yourself, consider taking a look at our Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Plan page for some ideas before you begin!

Feel free to contact us if we can be of any help to you as you plan your kitchen. Once you are ready with more details, we can certainly price your project using either Cabinet quote Option 1 or Option 2