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Kitchen Remodel Lighting

AMBIENT LIGHTING: This is anything that gives you soft, indirect light, such as a skylight, window or an everyday ceiling fixture. Ambient light creates just enough light for you to do general tasks during the day, and to help you find your way to the refrigerator during the middle of the night.

TASK LIGHTING: Anywhere you do close-up work, you’ll want task lighting; above the counters where you slice vegetables, over the sink, the stove, and, if you have them, over your desk area or Kitchen island. Recessed and track lighting usually work best. For countertops, you can mount fluorescent fixtures underneath the wall cabinets. As a general rule, always let your light sources overlap. It helps eliminate shadows and eyestrain.

COMBINATION LIGHTING: The amount of light and where it is located will have a major impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. It can affect the perceived size and depth. It can affect how you work. And, depending on the type and intensity of the source, light can bring out depth and texture of the wood and the finish. Clearly, each kind of lighting is important to your kitchen.

ACCENT LIGHTING: Accent lighting is used to highlight certain features in your kitchen and to create a mood. You can install lighting inside a glass door cabinet for a dramatic look. Or, use spotlights to show off your prized collection of knickknacks. You can even add decorative strip lights in open soffit areas. The latter is not only beautiful, but helps make the ceiling appear higher.